The Future of Food

The Future of Food 2050. The circular economy event focused on the future of agriculture and food, highlighted the importance of technological innovation, as well as an anticipated shift to strengthen the connections between agriculture and society.

That said, there was a storyline created with the idealistic vision for the future in 2050. It was written along the agriculture track, a society where individual involvement in food production is replaced with technological advances, like robots and artificial intelligence. These advances would give way to polyculture, autonomous food delivery, smart fridges, 3D printing. Moving to the food track, an adequate society picture was built where people would spend around a third of their resources (time, education, finances) directly in food production and therefore allowing more time for individuals to build relationships with their community, or do other, more impactful, social tasks.

Lastly, attention was drawn to a more integrative connection between technology and society, under the guise of “co-living.”

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